About Me

My name is Yanbingms,29 years old, from Huanggang City,Hubei province.I have just graduated from USTC(University of Science and Technology of China), majoring in computer system designing.

I’m now working in Fuji Xerox, Yokohama, Japan.Our team is to develop the medical record’s management solutions.

I love American movies ,Janpanese foods.I have favour in chanllenge.

And I am also very sunny ,no distasteful things will happen in my life.

My QQ:332560608

My MSN:yanbingms@live.cn

If you find some commons amony us,do not hestate to contact with

me, we will be good friends .


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  1. あなたは本当に具体的な成果を求めているのでしょうか?それとも単に気持ちをわかってもらいたいだけですか?



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